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Custom Reflection Essay

Homer’s mercilessness is very evident in The Iliad, for example, Diomedes and Odysseus kill a spy who begged for his life only after he tells them the information they want. Also, the same two sneak into the opponents army base and in cold blood, slaughter many sleeping men. Mercilessness is not as evident in The Odyssey as it is in The Iliad, but incidences of such are present in today’s reading.

Shortly after his return to Ithaka, he and Telemhakos, his son, meet for the first time in twenty years in the hut of Eumaio, a loyal servant. During this time, the two plan for the massacre which will be brought down upon the suitors by Odysseus, Telemhakos, and two of their loyal servants. On the day of the massacre, Antiloos and Amphinomo are the first two to go down by Odysseus and Telemhakos, respectively. From then on, the remaining suitors, armed with no weapon, go down one by one. Melanthios found the hidden weapons and handed them out to the suitors, betraying the family. Nevertheless, Odysseus and the three others killed all of the suitors. The last suitor to be alive, Leodes flung himself at Odysseus’ knees to beg for his life, but enraged with anger, Odysseus beheaded the man with one single blow with a sword.

After the massacre, Odysseus called for Eurykleia to bring him the maids who have been disloyal to the family. When she did, Odysseus made the maids to clean the corpses and the blood in the hall. The maids followed Odysseus order weeping for they knew they would die too. He ordered them to be hung and surely enough they were. Next, Odysseus called for Melanthios who they have tied up so that he cannot escape.

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